Project Description


  • Get out of a rut and find a new direction for your life and career?
  • Reconnect with your true passions and interests?
  • Set goals for yourself and actually make them happen?
  • Boost your self-confidence and reduce the negative self-talk that’s holding you back?
  • Find a better, less stressful work-life balance?
  • Find meaningful work when you’re returning after a break?


The key to making positive change in our lives is to reconnect with what we are good at, care about and get excited about. This gives us motivation to keep moving towards our goals, even when we meet obstacles on the way. I’ll design a programme to support you to overcome your challenges, make positive changes and to get more of the life that you really want for yourself. Elements may include:

  • Understand your natural talents and preferences – and what they mean about the kind of life and work that you’d really love to have
  • Explore and develop a detailed vision about the future you want for yourself
  • Analyse the challenges you are facing and find solutions
  • Develop a roadmap towards your goals with actionable steps to execute upon to reach them
  • Stay on track, with my support and encouragement, as you take action, overcome obstacles and move towards your goals

“Julia’s coaching style is open and to the point…She always encouraged me while she asked me to lead the way forward… Julia helped me to increase my awareness regarding my topics and she supported me in finding solutions how to deal with them. This helped me to become more focused while having the right life balance also during work… I enjoyed being coached by Julia and I recommend her when you’re looking for a friendly and calm coach who’s holding your accountability to remind you about your change you want to achieve.”



You’ll be part of an honest, confidential partnership that’s focused entirely on supporting you to clarify your goals; boost your confidence; make positive changes in your outlook; and formulate a practical plan to move forwards.  I’ll bring in the coaching tools and techniques that will suit your unique needs. You can be confident that, with a rich and varied life experience, I have deep empathy with the challenges involved in navigating the stresses of life and career choices. I have nearly 20 year’s management experience in blue chip firms, but have also worked outside the corporate world in academic research and teaching. I’ve also personally worked hard to configure a manageable, and more fulfilling, work-life balance. My background and skills give me the flexibility to support you whatever the challenges you’re facing.


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